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Why the Lamb?

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In 1992, I bought my first house.  A year later I bought ny first dog--his name was Ambrose and he was a black miniature poodle.  In 2010, after nearly 17 years, Ambrose died.  Of course, I decided to never go through the death of a beloved pet again and told myself I would never have another dog.  Yeah!  After about a month, I start looking on the internet and saw an image of this incredibly cute little black miniature poodle.  His name was Blue Jay.  Of course, I decided to visit the breeder in Maryland just to see him in person.  Nothing more.  While I was looking at Blue Jay, another dog kept crawling up my sweater to lick my nose.  Her name was Lily.  Out came the check book and I bought them both.

Lily is the 4th in the litter and Blue Jay is the 7th.  Lily is the alpha and Blue Jay is her security blanket.  Lily also is Blue Jay's protector and she checks on him when they visit the Vet.  If he is having a bad dream and cries out, Lily is there to see what is going on.  Lily loves walks and remembers everything's proper place in the neighborhood.  She has friends and visits them on her walk.  Blue Jay has one special friend--my neighbor--and whines for her at her door.  She picks Blue Jay up and holds him in her arms and he seems to like this.  Toys are the main difference between the two dogs.  With over 20 toys here, Blue Jay believes they are all his.  Although Lily is the Alpha, Blue Jay is the Toy Boss.  I get a new toy--one for each, and Blue Jay grabs both.  Lily is left to whine for her toy until Blue Jay is done with it.

A few months ago, I bought them a Lambchop toy from a local grocery store.  You may remember Sherri Lewis and her sockpuppet, Lambchop.  Well, Lambchop is now a pet toy and Blue Jay loves it.  He takes it everywhere.  There are plenty of plush toys here but Lambchop is unquestionably the favorite.  There is only one problem.  Blue Jay tries to eat Lanbchop and Lily helps if she gets a chance to put her teeth into Lambchop.  I now have 3 injured Lambchops on injured reserve awaiting surgery.  I'm the surgeon with my sewing kit.  Come to think of it, I have 2 new Lambchops ready to go into action.  In a moment or two, Lambchop will be fighting for her life being pulled on by 2 miniature poodles.   



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