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Anyone Know the Owner of Brownie's Identical Twin?

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In January 1980, I purchased a 1979 Datsun 280ZX with the Grand Luxury Package of options.  The color was called Champagne/Mahogany which is a rich brown body with a lighter brown hood.  Among the options were cloth upholstery and aluminum wheels.  Of course, its name is Brownie and it sits in my garage with antique plates on it.  In the 38 years that I have owned Brownie, I have never seen one like it until . . . .

On Tuesday of this past week, I drove to the Y in my daily driver, Betty.  More on Betty at a later date.  I did my swimming, walked out the front door, walked the cross walk, looked to the right in a parking space, and was frozen in my tracks.  I thought I was staring at Brownie.  Then I checked the plate.  It was an antique plate but a different number.  It was Brownie's identical twin including the aluminum wheels and the cloth upholstery.  

I went to the desk and asked if it was possible to identify the owner of Brownie's identical twin.  Of course not.  Then I looked around at the people inside to try to match them with Brownie's identical twin.  How do I do that?  The only thing I could do was to sit out front and wait.  After 30 minutes of waiting, I gave up.  Brownie may never meet her identical twin, unless . . . .

If you are reading this and you are the owner of Brownie's identical twin, please let me know.  Thanks in advance.  

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Bob, do you have any friends in law enforcement who could do a search for you?  If you watch CSI, etc., seems pretty simple task for them to find such info...🤠🤠 hope you find the owner! 

We and one of our daughters bought two identically equipped Honda CRV’s from our favorite sales guy a couple years ago. They are the same color. Even though they had to transfer one from a sister dealer in another city, we discovered that the VIN numbers are only seven apart. Guessing that since the color is the same, they were assembled the same day at the factory. They were in the same truck when delivered to the two dealers. 

I still have my sales papers for my first car in 1970 - a new 70 1/2 Corvette. If I ever dig it out of storage, I’m going to get an in-law relative to check the VIN against vehicle registration records to see if it is still registered somewhere . Probably in California, where I sold it in 1972.  


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In January 1980, the 1979 280ZX cost $12,467, the 1974 Datsun 260Z cost, $5,430, and the 1971 Datsun 240Z cost $3,705.

Betty, a 2017, cost much more.  Did you ever see Betty?

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My first car was a new, factory ordered, 1970 Mulsanne Blue, LT-1 Corvette convertible. There were only about 420 LT-1 convertibles made that year. I don’t know how many were Mulsanne Blue. With my Air Force Academy Cadet discount, it cost me about $3450 and the MSRP was about $5600. I ordered it in the fall of 1969 or January of 1970. It was delivered in mid June.  I remember going down to the dealer’s delivery and dealer prep shop in Colorado Springs to watch them prep it.  It was during summer training up in the Rampart Range where I was assigned as an “aggressor” in a mock POW camp. I got a ride down to the shop, still wearing my “communist” black fatigues with a flat topped cap with a red star on it😜😜. We had to speak with a heavy accent and I wasn’t able to speak normally for a week after that. It must have sounded strange to the car dealer!!

I noticed the current value of 1970 LT-1 convertibles are running as high as  $50,000. 

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