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My July 2018

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Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and you just know it'is going to be a bad day.  I've had those days, but until July 2018, I never had a bad month.  At the beginning of July, my air conditioner died.  Of course, the next couple of days were in the mid-90s and so was the inside of the house.  The air conditioner was replaced on July 3.  Then, on July 4, my hot water heater declared its independence and died.  That was replaced on July 5.  By Monday July 9 everything in the house was working--except the furnace which still needs replacing--and I felt great. 

Things were going so well that I decided to show the kids in Karate class how crouches should be done.  Wrong move.  Something clicked in my left knee and before I knew it I was on the ground.  A couple of the adults must have thought I was having a coronary and came to my assistance.  "I'm OK," I told them and limped back to the peanut gallery in back of the class.  I don't do crouches anymore.  It took 2 weeks for my knee to recover with the help of some knee exercises.

It's not over yet.  Towards the end of the 3'rd week of July, I developed an infection.  Talk about pain.  By the beginning of the next week, I was on an antibiotic and the infection was over.  That week I tested for my next belt in Tang Soo Do karate.  Believe it or not, I passed the test and I am now a red/blue belt.  One more and I'm a black belt candidate.  I guess in the worst months, there is a glimmer of light.

Finally, on July 31, my main television died.  Hey, I'm still breathing and it's August.

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I feel you, Bob. We had a pipe leak downstairs in July; just finished the cleanup and reconstruction. That's great news about your belt test, though. Congratulations.

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It's not over yet.  Towards the end of the 3'rd week of July, I developed an infection.  

I't's still not over.  A couple of weeks ago, due to the continued problem, I had a CT Scan done.  Now, I am headed to some type of surgery.  I'll know exactly on November 9.  It's not cancer so I am only expecting an annoyance.

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Thank you Joel, I just saw your post.  Surgery went well December 13, 2018.  They placed a catheter in me and I made them take it out the next day.

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