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Nick S.

Spain 2019

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Next year is our 20th anniversary, and we're going to Spain! Neither of us have ever been there, but we know what we like and we travel well together.

Planned itinerary--

Arrive Madrid; 3 nights in Madrid

Day trips from Madrid to Toledo and Segovia

Rent a car; drive South

Cordoba (1 night)

Seville (2 nights)

Granada (1 night)

Malaga (2 nights)

Cartagena (1 night)

Drop the car in Alicante and fly to La Palma

La Palma (2 nights)

Fly back to Alicante, train to Madrid

Fly home

That's the plan, but I have room for 2 more nights. I know everybody would say Barcelona, but that's not our plan. We're doing Andalusia. The Moorish Spain. 

So where else should we go? Open to your thoughts.

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Wow.  That is an ambitious trip.  I was wondering why you added La Palma.  I am familiar with La Palma for the following reason.

In your planning for the trip, have you decided the raods you will be taking.  If you list them, we could ride with you on google maps.

Thanks for posting the note.  Within a short period of time, I hope to capture a number of users for this site.  Please check back during the next month.  


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Bob, wow, that was a cheery video.

Anyway I misled you. Meant to say the city of Palma on the island of Mallorca. Just a hop skip & jump from southern Spain. Sorry about that. Looking for sun & beach to rest in, after so much history. I kind of like a contrast when I travel for pleasure. Too much art or too much history just starts to blur after a while. So history and architecture and art, followed by fun in the sun.

Is it ambitious? I don't really know. What I have learned is that the major cost is the airfare. It takes forever to go from the West Coast to Europe, and it costs a small fortune. (I'm nearly 60 and I pretty much abhor economy class, so I insist on flying business class.) Once one arrives in Europe, there are modest and clean hotels, many with free (European) breakfasts. The food is amazing and relatively cheap. I don't think my wife and I spent more than $100 (together) for any dinner in Italy, and we had at least one bottle of wine and at least three courses. So when one arrives, the additional cost of extending the trip to the maximum length really doesn't impact things too much, at least in my experience.

How did I choose the cities? Google maps and Wikipedia. Looking for the intersection of history and art and architecture, plus flamenco and tapas. No tourist books; just looking at a map and then searching out what each city might offer.

Anyway your question prompted me to look at the map once again, and I saw Africa. Namely, Algiers. I think that would be a cool way to finish the trip. After all, the theme is the Moorish influence on Spain, so why not end with a visit to a modern Moslem city? Unless somebody has a better idea, I'm thinking we'll visit the Casbah.

As to your other question, no. I don't know the roads yet ... and I'm not sure I will even when we arrive. I have a tendency to overplan travel and then get anxious about staying on plan. Ask me sometime about preparing for a trip to Florence Italy by taking a UCLA Extension course in the Italian Renaissance. I'm trying to move away from that.

And we don't need too much of a plan. We have a completely wonderful time wandering around places we don't really know much about. Finding little restaurants. Seeing local churches. Staying far away from the tourists whenever possible. We have had some truly amazing experiences by being open to whatever we came across, rather than planning to hit all the tourist sites. In Tuscany, we found an old D'Medici fortress that had been turned into a modern art museum. To my knowledge, that wasn't in any of the major tourist books. So I think my plan is to know the cities and the order of the cities, and what the major attractions are in each city, and then leave room for the unexpected. Since I know the order, I can have advance hotel reservations. That's really as much planning as we need.

Plus, we are a year away. Anything can happen between now and then.

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You have nothing to worry about in the video.  Only we East-coasters need to know scuba for that catastrophe.

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We have been playing with the itinerary. Now lit ooks like:

Madrid - 3 nights (includes day trips to Toledo and Segovia)

Cordoba - 1 night

Seville - 2 nights

Granada - 1 night

Malaga - 3 nights (includes day trips to Ronda & Nerja)

Fly to Morocco

Casablanca - 1 night

Marrakesh -- 2 nights

Fly to Madrid - 1 night then depart the next day

All air and hotels have been booked. Barring an unforeseen emergency, this trip is a "go"


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That looks more doable.  I like the addition of Casablance and Marrakesh.  My friend was talking about seeing it too.  If so, I will go with her.  Let me knw what you think about it and Casablanca.  However, I still want to visit Iceland and walk between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

Oh by the way, Gibralter is supposed to be upside down.  The older rocks are at its top and the newer ones are at the bottom.

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