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  1. Bob1

    Blue Jay's Toy Basket

    Every time I go to the pet store I check on toys. Having 2 dogs from the same litter, I pick up a toy for each of them. Some of the toys survive the beating they take. Among them are the orange crab, the striped bow ties (aka) bones, dragons, and doughnuts. They and over 20 others are in Blue Jay's toy backet.
  2. Bob1

    Farfalle with Pesto Sauce.

    Some time ago, I made my first pesto sauce. Since I just wanted to try something with the pesto sauce, I warmed up some farfalle. Then I put a nice portion of Parmigiana cheese on it. By the way, I just received the Termini Bros. circular this week. Now, I can look up some new recipes to try.
  3. Bob1

    Kung Pao Chicken

    When I worked in D. C., we would eat in the Chinese section of the city. Two of my favorite dishes was Kung Pao Chicken and Bourbon Chicken. Of course together with hot and sour soup. Hmmm, maybe I'll make bourbon chicken next.
  4. Bob1

    Chocolate Babka

    I bake thins to see if I can bake it and how it tastes. This is called chocolate babka. It's ok. However, I'm tired of semi-sweet chocolate. I like milk chocolate. Here is the recipe for chocolate babka.
  5. This is the Ruger GP 100 I bought used. It is absolutely wonderful. Since I had 38 special ammo I used that on Wednesday and barely felt any recoil. It's a tank. I bought the gun when it was 2 months old. It was hardly used and you could smell the Hopee's cleaner used on it from the original owner. This is definitely something special. I'm no Match Champion but this gun makes you feel like one. The gun is made for 357 magnum ammo and it is capable of shooting that caliber all day. That's a move up from 38 special but you know I'm going to buy some for it.
  6. Bob1

    Ruger Mark IV Target

    This is the Ruger Mark IV Target Model 40159. It requires 22 lr ammo. The 22 is 4.6 cents a round compared to 18.5 cents a round for 9 mm and over 30 cents a round for 38 special. At the .139 lower price per round than 9 mm, I can pay for the gun within a year. That is why I bought it. I tried it this past Wednesday and it was great. With the weight of the gun, there is very little recoil. I didn't feel it. Out of 100 rounds, I had 89 in the middle of the target and the other 11 inside the eight. It's beautiful too and it comes in several models.
  7. I bought the Ruger GP 100 Match Champion, 357 Magnum, Model 1754 for $699. There is a nice story to go with the purchase. I went in to look at it and it was spotless. It smelled like Hoppee's bore cleaner--which is a good thing. I checked its vital parts and everything looked good. Then they told me it was traded in by one of their best customers. They told me the seller buys a gun uses it a bit and then trades it in for another gun. That customer purchased the 1754 in September 2019 and traded it in during October 2019. It was two months old. While I was there, my Ruger Mark IV came in. I'll load them in the Gallery soon. Tomorrow, I take the 2 additions to my small arsenal to the range and try them out.
  8. Bob1

    Blue Belt

    This is my newest belt--a blue belt. I test this month and, if I pass, I will get a light blue stripe.
  9. It looks like the only difference is the 1754 has and the 1755 has Same MSRP of $969. My gun range offers it at $834.99. The offered lightly used version is $699. I was planning to get the Model 1771 that doesn't have the upgrades at $742.99 next year.
  10. I had the link going to Ruger's 1755. I changed it to the correct model--the 1754. I'm going to look at it in a few hours. I think it's going to be an early Christmas.
  11. I've been offered the above gun -- slightly used in the case -- for $699. I am planning to buy the regular Ruger GP 100 sometime next year. You can find all about this gun at Ruger's site. I have a Glock 19 Gen 5, Smith & Wesson Performance Center 642, and am picking up a Ruger Mark IV this week--22lr ammo is a lot cheaper that 9 mm and 38 special ammo. Do you think this is a deal? The Local gun range sells guns new at $80 under MSRP. I hope to look at the gun tomorrow.
  12. Bob1

    My July 2018

    Thank you Joel, I just saw your post. Surgery went well December 13, 2018. They placed a catheter in me and I made them take it out the next day.
  13. This is my second gun, a Smith & Wesson Performance Center 642. It is a 38 snub-nosed revolver that takes 38 special, ammo. I wanted a revolver and this is it. If you look at all the reviews on youtube of it, you will see that the reviewers love it and mention that it has a kick (recoil) to it. It has an excellent trigger pull thanks to the Performance Center at Smith & Wesson. However, as all the reviewers mention, it does have a kick. I'm going to the range this week for my 4th time with the 642. Her name is Ginger.
  14. Bob1

    Glock 19 Gen 5

    This was my first gun. I took training at my local Gun Range and bought this a few weeks later. After a little over a year, I'm pretty good with this. For this gun, I use Blazer Brass. After 900 rounds of this ammo, I have had no problems. I call him Heinz.
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