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  1. Bob1

    Sliced Mozarella and Herb Bread

    This is the mozarella and Herb Bread sliced to show you what the inside looked like.
  2. Bob1

    Mozarella and Herb Bread

    This is mozarella and herb bread that I made in a slow cooker. Making it was easy. Place the dough in the crock pot on parchment paper, set it to high, and wait for 2 to 2.5 hours. Keep an eye on it after 2 hours. The crust is wonderful and the bread is perfect.
  3. Bob1

    Double Sticks

    These double sticks are made from purpleheart wood and are actually purple.
  4. Bob1

    My Black-Blue Belt

    This is my belt as of 4/26/2020. My next belt will be black, if I pass my 4-hour pre-test and my final black belt test.
  5. Bob1

    Retired Belts

    I am due to take my Black Belt test this September. If I pass, my black-blue belt wll be on the retired list.
  6. Bob1

    M&P®9 SHIELD M2.0™ EZ

    This is Smith and Wesson's new 9 mm EZ pistol.
  7. Bob1

    CZ 97 B

    This is my CZ 97 B. It's all steel and has nice weight.
  8. Bob1

    CZ 97 B

  9. Bob1

    S & W 642

    This is my Smith & Wesson 642. It is a snub-nosed 38 special. After I took it to the range a few times, I stopped using it because of the strong recoil and the blistering of the space beteen my thumb and my index finger. I didn't want to give up on the gun so I searched the internet for a solution. From youtube to discussion forums, the recoil from this little gun was discussed. At one forum, it was mentioned to change the original grip to a Hogue grip. The problem with the original grip is that it just had grips for the sides. As a result, the area between my thumb and index finger was left to deal with the recoil directly from the frame. For example, listen to this youtube guy talk about the recoil. The Hogue grip has a lot of rubber with open air inside the grip between the thumb and index area. I expected it to work at the range. This morning I tried it with the new Hogue grip and was very pleased. Most of the recoil was soaked up by the Hogue grip that I linked. The Hogue grip is very simple to install. Just unscrew the original grips and install the upper part of the grip on the frame. After that, you have a small piece that you must push over the original pin. The instructions tell you to install it with a 38 special casing. I just forced it on using a hard surface.
  10. Bob1

    Slice of Cake-Bread

    This is a slice of the cake-bread I made last night. It tastes good even after I used the wrong amount of buttermilk. You can see the layer of sugar and cinnamon in the bread.
  11. Bob1

    Cinnamon Cake-Bread

    I wanted cinnamon bread last night so I found this recipe. Then I made a mistake and used 1 cup of buttermilk instead of 2 cups called for in the recipe. The cake-bread just isn't bread. You will see that the comments varied widely on the recipe page. My cake-bread was dark because I put half of the cinnamon in the batter and then placed the rest in a layer between two pours in the pan. I would not put the cinnamon in the batter but save it for the cinnamon layers poured into the pan. Also, I would put the correct amount of buttermilk in the batter and reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe.
  12. Lily in a festive ribbon wishing you a Merry Christmas. Fourth in the same litter as her brother Blue Jay.
  13. Bob1

    Chocolate Sugar Cookies

    I made these cookies the day before Thanksgiving because I had the ingredients on hand. They are called chocolate sugar cookies. The recipe called for brown sugar which I wasn't sure about. However, now I am sure about them. I used Hershey's Cocoa as the chocolate. The other ingredients included white sugar and vanilla.
  14. Bob1

    To Help a Mockingbird

    When I first retired, I planted 200 shrubs, 90 rose bushes, and filled wooded terraces in the back of the house with about 15 truckloads of top soil and mushroom soil. One day, while I was working behind the house planting in a lower terraced garden, a Northern Mockingbird began screaming at me from the roof of my home. At first, I just looked up at the mockingbird. Then I screamed back because the bird wouldn't stop. This is where the crazy part of the story begins. I remember birders telling me about bluebirds coming to their windows to let them know they wanted some food. I thought that was nonsense until I dealt with this mockingbird. The mockingbird had a nest about 2 feet off of the ground in one of my rose bushes. As I looked towards a cherry tree on the other side of the rose bushes, the mockingbird flew to that cherry tree and kept squaking at me. By now, I thought the mockingbird might be asking for my help. I told you it would sound crazy. I ran to the top of the rose garden where I could survey my land from the woods to the cherry tree. There, at the edge of the woods, was the mockingbird's problem. It was a cat that was threatening the mockingbird's nest. As I ran towards the cat in an effort to scare it away, the mockingbird followed me and landed in a tree above the cat. After the cat was scared away, the mockingbird returned to its nest. Problem solved. I had helped a mockingbird. The next day, I needed to mulch the rose garden where the mockingbird's nest was. Mockingbirds protect their nests by flying at people who get too close for the mockingbird's comfort. However, I wanted to get that garden mulched. Would the mockingbird and her mate tolerate me or would they attack me? I moved around the nest on my hands and knees spreading mulch but being careful to never look directly at the nest. I talked gently while I was mulching and waited for the attack. It never came. I guess the mockingbirds recognized me and decided I was not a threat. Over the next several years, I had mockingbird nests in my yard every Summer. I listened to the chicks chirping at feeding time. Sometimes, I saw the chicks leave their nest and walk through the grass until they could perch on something above the ground. They always made a single peep as they travelled to let their parents know where they were. When I heard the peeps off of the ground, I knew the chicks had reached safety.
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