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  1. Bob1

    Spain 2019

    That looks more doable. I like the addition of Casablance and Marrakesh. My friend was talking about seeing it too. If so, I will go with her. Let me knw what you think about it and Casablanca. However, I still want to visit Iceland and walk between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Oh by the way, Gibralter is supposed to be upside down. The older rocks are at its top and the newer ones are at the bottom.
  2. Another interesting rock formation in Western Australia is the Bungle Bungle. They are a sandstone range shaped like bee-hives with horizontal bands in black and orange. The dark bands are formed by a thin layer of cyanobacteria on the sandstone and orange bands of sandstone. The images shown of Google maps allow you to take a walking tour around the Bungle Bungle.
  3. I posted a link to a Google Map image about a wave to the Americas Topic some time ago. That was incredible. However, Australia has its own wave that challenges the one in the Americas. Australia's wave is 2.5 billion year old granite. It's 350 feet long and 50 feet high. When I first looked at it the word's that came to my mind was surf's up. Here is Australia's Wave.
  4. Bob1

    Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

    Once I ate all the Butter Cookies and shortbread, I made some oatmeal raisin cookies. They didn't make it to Christmas.
  5. Bob1

    Butter Cookies

    These were my butter cookies with sprinkles. My neighbor gave me shortbread which I ate shortly after the cookies.
  6. Bob1

    Christmas 2018 Dinner

    I forgot to add my Christmas Dinner because I was recovering from surgery. 100 percent recovered now. Anyway, dinner was stuffed pork chop, cooked apples, more stuffing, sweet potatoes, an Italian Barbaresco, and home-made raisin bread.
  7. Bob1


    I was looking to bake something on Christmas Eve and found Struffoli. I used the recipe from Giada. Others use similar ingredients. I baked the cookies--before adding the honey--instead of frying them. I used vanilla in the recipe but I will try anise next time. After eating a few cookies, I realized they reminded me of cookies from years ago. A caveat, the dough is very sticky. I cooled it as directed but still had to oil my hands to roll the cookies. You will see that Giada added flour to the dough after it came out of the refrigerator. Anyway, it is sticky stuff. I did the honey, sugar, and lemon mix and they were great. Put some sprinkles on and they are done. I think these cookies would be perfect for a gathering where they would be eaten the night you make them. The ones I ate the following morning were a bit soggy and the honey was dripping off the tray.
  8. Bob1


    There is one spot on earth where you can look to your west and see the North American Plate and look to your east and see the Eurasian Plate--that is Iceland. Here is another image of it. I hope to be there is 2019. Iceland sits at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the plates diverge and add a couple of centimeters each year to the Atlantic Ocean. If I add some images here later in 2019, you will know that I made it to the ridge.
  9. Bob1

    Breast Stroke Flippers

    I've been using these for several months now and they are fun. Very relaxing.
  10. Look at that poor dragon's fins. Blue Jay knawed them off. I always have to check on the dragon to check if Blue Jay has reached the dragon's stuffings. If he does, I'll place the dragon (or any toy) on injured reserve until I repair it for him.
  11. Bob1

    The Beloved Dragon

    This is the face of Blue Jay's dragon. I don't know what it is about this dragon but Blue Jay has it with him much of the day. The other dragon picture is the poor dragon's back.
  12. I keep some of their goodies in the end cabinet and in the plastic tub. Whenever I get my whey, I have a habit of leaving the cabinet door open. That gives the dogs their chance to sniff-out what is in the cabinet. Here we have a que with Lily checking first.
  13. Bob1

    First Smoothies

    I bought smoothie jars so I could make smoothies. Instead of yogurt and whey, I thought I would add whey, wheat germ, flaxseed, and whatever else I could find in the refrigerator in the food processor. I found celery, oranges, strawberries, bananas, honey, and other stuff in the refrigerator and threw it into the mix. It came out delicious. The next time I will look for low calorie stuff to throw into the mix.
  14. This was the Thanksgiving meal. Potato filling, turkey, and wine.
  15. Bob1

    Cooked Stuffing

    It was delicious.
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