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    My July 2018

    Bob, I hope that your surgery went well...
  2. Bob, I’m sorry that your most memorable shot drove you from the game. I called my most memorable drive “My Almost Perfect Drive” or “My Almost Hole in One”. I had just turned 18. I graduated from high school the week before and had three weeks of my last “freedom” before entering the Air Force Academy and the dreaded Basic Cadet Summer. A couple of friends and I played golf at our local nine hole course most every afternoon that month. I had to borrow my dad‘s golf clubs because I didn’t have any and was basically learning how to play golf. Even though the course was at least fifty years old, we had sand greens, not grass greens. On one day, our first round of nine holes was a lot of fun. So we decided to play one more round to make it eighteen. The third hole was a fairly short par three with the tee located on a hill overlooking the green. My drive off the elevated tee box looked beautiful. It was a straight shot, directly at the middle of the sand green. , The ball rolled a short distance and stopped within six feet or so of the flag - which, we discovered, had been moved a few feet by the greens keeper sometime after we played the hole during the first round. When we walked up to the green, I could clearly see the trail of the ball’s short roll mark in the compact sand. It had landed in front of the old cut for the cup and rolled perfectly across it about three feet past it. That was my one and only “Almost Hole in One”.
  3. joel hoffman

    Just Call Me Johnson!

    😂😂😂😂 that’s good enough to use in a stand up comedy routine!
  4. My first car was a new, factory ordered, 1970 Mulsanne Blue, LT-1 Corvette convertible. There were only about 420 LT-1 convertibles made that year. I don’t know how many were Mulsanne Blue. With my Air Force Academy Cadet discount, it cost me about $3450 and the MSRP was about $5600. I ordered it in the fall of 1969 or January of 1970. It was delivered in mid June. I remember going down to the dealer’s delivery and dealer prep shop in Colorado Springs to watch them prep it. It was during summer training up in the Rampart Range where I was assigned as an “aggressor” in a mock POW camp. I got a ride down to the shop, still wearing my “communist” black fatigues with a flat topped cap with a red star on it😜😜. We had to speak with a heavy accent and I wasn’t able to speak normally for a week after that. It must have sounded strange to the car dealer!! I noticed the current value of 1970 LT-1 convertibles are running as high as $50,000.
  5. Bob, do you have any friends in law enforcement who could do a search for you? If you watch CSI, etc., seems pretty simple task for them to find such info...🤠🤠 hope you find the owner! We and one of our daughters bought two identically equipped Honda CRV’s from our favorite sales guy a couple years ago. They are the same color. Even though they had to transfer one from a sister dealer in another city, we discovered that the VIN numbers are only seven apart. Guessing that since the color is the same, they were assembled the same day at the factory. They were in the same truck when delivered to the two dealers. I still have my sales papers for my first car in 1970 - a new 70 1/2 Corvette. If I ever dig it out of storage, I’m going to get an in-law relative to check the VIN against vehicle registration records to see if it is still registered somewhere . Probably in California, where I sold it in 1972.
  6. joel hoffman

    The End of 4-Foot Bob

    Oh, my six year old daughter was the top girl swimmer in six and under in the City of Riyadh. She was the second place finisher in the Kingdom-Wide, Junior AAU Swim Meet in Jeddah that year. She swam in single stroke events, team relays and in a four stroke medley event against numerous other girls from many organizations and nationalities. We were Sooo Proud parents! She was the one who inspired me to compete...❤️ I still can swim at 69.
  7. joel hoffman

    The End of 4-Foot Bob

    I can certainly relate to your near drowning, childhood experience, Judge. Back in the early 1950’s, when I was about 3 or 4, our family took a vacation up in Northern Minnesota. My folks rented a cabin on a lake (I have now forgotten the name). As soon as we arrived and got out of the car, My older and younger bros and the parents and I walked down to a dock in front of the cabin. In my memory, it seems to have been at least six feet above the water. That is probably only because I was tiny. I clearly remember being so excited that I took off running down the dock with my parents yelling from the shore, “wait, Joey”!! I ran right off the end of the dock, plunging into the water with all my clothes on. My 12 or 13 year old, big brother ran after me and jumped in, also fully clothed, and saved my stupid “self”. Several years later, I start taking yearly summer swimming lessons at the nearest pool to our little town, which was 20 miles away in Red Wing, MN. I could swim, although not well enough to do freestyle- mostly backstroke and sidestroke. The “deep end” always scared me. Moving forward to 1960, we took a summer vacation from MN to Seattle. We stopped in Rapid City, SD on the way home, staying at a motel with a pool. This pool had a deep end separated by a floating rope. While walking next to the rope, I accidentally stepped under the rope, only to discover a vertical drop off into “ the deep end”. I panicked and went straight down, flailing my arms and legs, To no avail. I couldn’t surface. I saw my short life “passing by” for what seemed to be an eternity. I began A prayer for God to forgive me and let me in to Heaven. Suddenly, the pool lifeguard jumped in and rescued me. He pulled me up and out on the concrete apron. I was expecting a severe tongue lashing but he simply asked me how I was. He explained that all I had to do was not panic, stay calm and I would have floated to the surface. My hero! I didn’t learn how to swim the American freestyle crawl until I was 34 years old, living in a Corps of Engineers Housing Compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our kids took swim lessons from the Corps’ Recreation Director, who had been on the Egyptian National Swim Team. The kids were six and eight and swam on the USACE Swim Team. He talked my wife and I into taking adult lessons. I became good enough to swim on our adult team for local Inter City competitions. Yes, the moral is to preservere and you’re not too old to conquer your fears and overcome your perceived limitations.
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