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Found 2 results

  1. This past weekend, I made the above cake. I've never made a cake like this. The cake was the most difficult part and I did it. I bought a new aluminum springform pan and made it in that. I set the oven at 340 instead of 350 to account for the aluminum pan--didn't matter. It baked--mostly sugar and unsweetened chocolate. Then the mousse. Heavy cream, beat it with a mixer, got the cream to fluff up, mixed it with the melted chocolate--the other half of the cream was heated and used to melt the chocolate. That worked very well. Finally, the ganache. That was the simplest. Plenty of semi-sweetened chcolate morsels and more heated cream with a little butter to melt the chocolate. Cool the cake and voila. I gave most of it away to the neighbors because I didn't want to gain weight. One of them called it scrumptious! I told her before she ate it that she had to sit down to eat it--it was that good. Here is the recipe I used.
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