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Found 1 result

  1. Bob1

    S & W 642

    This is my Smith & Wesson 642. It is a snub-nosed 38 special. After I took it to the range a few times, I stopped using it because of the strong recoil and the blistering of the space beteen my thumb and my index finger. I didn't want to give up on the gun so I searched the internet for a solution. From youtube to discussion forums, the recoil from this little gun was discussed. At one forum, it was mentioned to change the original grip to a Hogue grip. The problem with the original grip is that it just had grips for the sides. As a result, the area between my thumb and index finger was left to deal with the recoil directly from the frame. For example, listen to this youtube guy talk about the recoil. The Hogue grip has a lot of rubber with open air inside the grip between the thumb and index area. I expected it to work at the range. This morning I tried it with the new Hogue grip and was very pleased. Most of the recoil was soaked up by the Hogue grip that I linked. The Hogue grip is very simple to install. Just unscrew the original grips and install the upper part of the grip on the frame. After that, you have a small piece that you must push over the original pin. The instructions tell you to install it with a 38 special casing. I just forced it on using a hard surface.
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